• 06/20/15 - 06/21/15 London, England at London Wrestling Convention
  • 06/13/15 Seaside Heights, NJ at Glen Kelly Charity Wrestling Event
  • 03/27/15 - 03/28/15 San jose, CA at WrestleCon
  • 03/26/15 San Jose, CA at WWE WrestleMania Axxess
  • 02/07/15 Joppa, MD at MCW Anniversary
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Amy will be making appearances on the following dates:

April 28th in New York, NY @ FWE Wrestling
April 29th in Middletown, NY @ Middletown Flea Market
June 1st – June 3rd in Philadelphia, PA at Comic Con

You can check out the Appearances section for full details! And make sure to keep checking back for more dates later on!

UPDATE: I have added in another appearance on April 29th in New York.

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Wrestling With Pop Culture recently interviewed One Eyed Doll’s Kimberly Freeman and in the interview, Kimberly mentions being friends with Amy and what it was like meeting / recording with her.

A few years ago you played with a band called the Luchagors, fronted by Amy Dumas, better know to wrestling fans as former WWE Women’s Champion Lita. As a result, she has become an outspoken supporter of One-Eyed Doll.

Freeman: Oh, yeah. Amy is a dear friend ever since we played together in Austin a few years ago. I’m as much of a fan of hers as she is of me. I think she’s great. When I saw her on stage for the first time with the Luchagors, I just totally fell in love. I was like, “I don’t know who this girl is, but we’re going to be best friends because she is awesome!” So we always hit each other up when we’re coming through town. She’s always on the road and we’re always on the road, so sometimes we cross paths. We’d love to do some more collaborating. She sang on one of my songs called “Insecure” for the Into Outer Space album. It’s my electropop dance album that’s just under the Kimberly Freeman name, even though Jason did all the instrumentation and arrangement. We still call it a solo album. I think she has a beautiful voice and she’s such a great performer. She’s been very supportive and we really plug each other whenever we can. I just love having my girl rocker friend. We recorded her parts in less than an hour and she did great.

You can read the full interview, as well as listen to the song Amy and Kimberly recorded together, by clicking below.

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Former WWE Superstar Colt Cabana has posted the newest episode of his Art of Wrestling podcast and in it, he speaks with Lita about a variety of different topics.

Lita has been described as the most popular Diva in the history of the WWE. Find out how she got to that point and her journey to superstardom. Lita and Colt have a fun little chat about Mexico, Rock N Roll, Wrestling and more…

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

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During WrestleMania weekend, WWE.com has been following both WWE Champion CM Punk and his opponent at WrestleMania 28 Chris Jericho leading up to their match this Sunday. Amy was featured in today’s entry as she hangs out with Punk for a walk down the streets of Miami.

It’s hours prior to the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and back at the hotel, WWE’s Superstars, Divas, Legends, family and friends are slipping into suits and cocktail dresses for one of the most important nights of the year. About one mile from that same hotel, CM Punk and his friend Lita are sloshing through a Floridian downpour in sopping wet sneakers and clinging cotton tops. They couldn’t be happier.

Crossing over the Miami River Walk, the two unhurriedly pass through puddles toting veggie and fruit smoothies to be sucked down after this evening’s event. Their conversation thrives while people under umbrellas hustle past to find drier ground.

His Thor tee thoroughly drenched, Punk is probably more comfortable now than he will be in a snug necktie later tonight. In fact, The Voice of the Voiceless makes Gene Kelly look like a grump as he and the former Women’s Champion parade through the streets of Miami, enjoying the crash of the heavy raindrops on their skin.

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Our very own Amy has been announced for WrestleMania Fan Axxess in Miami, Florida durign the weekend of WretleMania XXVIII. She will be signing autographs on April 1st, starting at 8:00AM. For more information regarding Axxess, you can visit WWE.com and continue to check back here for further updates.

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Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus recently appeared as a special guest on women’s wrestling website Diva Dirt’s “Diva Dirt Live.” During the interview, Trish mentioned the movie she and Amy announced in 2010.

“We had gotten together about doing a remake of a movie called ‘Doctor Doom Versus the Wrestling Women’, and it’s [one of those] old school lucha [wrestling] films that are very campy.”

“We’ve been chatting about that and we’ve had some interest for us to pursue that.”

“We get so busy. We got on board and we were talking about it, and then I just had everything for me [her projects] launched on my end. Then I was finally like, ‘Okay, let’s get back to this’, because I had just finished [Bounty Hunters], and my product line was launched so that was good. We started talking about it again and it’s definitely a project we’re interested in doing.”

“Plus, she has a place in Nicaragua and I went to visit her, so it’s a pretty good place to have production meetings.”

To keep up with any further details regarding the movie, make sure to follow Trish, Amy, and this site as well on Twitter.

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WWE.com recently posted a snippet from an interview with Lita conducted for a future DVD on former Superstar Edge. In the clip shown, she explains which version of Edge she liked best. I believe this is from the interview she mentioned on Twitter a few months back.

You can watch the clip below. More details about the DVD should be available soon.

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Every month, WWE Magazine features a Diva in their column Diva Fever. Recently, Lita was the focus and fans voted her mainevent match with Trish Stratus in 2004 as her best match. Here’s an excerpt from the magazine:

“Her hair was fiery red, and Lita’s moves in the ring were no less eye-catching for WWE fans in the 2000s. Leaving a trail of broken hearts and broken bodies, this incredibly athletic Diva proved that the female Superstars of the WWE were just as capable of breathtaking action as the men on the roster.”

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Amy recently posted on Twitter that she has joined Instagram: an Apple Application that allows you to take, edit, and post photos with your iPhone, iPod Touch (4G), or iPad.

She is currently in Nicaragua, and she has already posted a few photos of the scenery there so make sure you check it out! You can find her by searching her username: machetegirl.

For those of you without access to the application, I have added all of the photos into the gallery and will continue to do so!

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Antiseen- Sabu
Minor Threat- Betray
Lower Class Brats- Live For Today
Turbonegro- No, I’m Alpha Male
Operation Ivy- Hangin’ Out
The Dickies- I’m Okay, You’re Okay
Riverboat Gamblers- Cut-Cut-Cut-Cut
Sweet Baby- Baby x7
Propagandhi- Anti-Manifesto
No Use For a Name- Justified Black Eye
NOFX- Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
Ranci- Bloodclot
The Casualties- Media Control
The Horror Pops- Crawl Straight Home
The Vacancies- Strummer
Sick Of It All- Can’t Wait To Quit
Minor Threat-Filler
Bad Religion- Change of Ideas
Rise Against- Give it All
Adolescents- Self Destruct

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