The famous wrestling priest

However, youngsters were actually the main issue of Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, and fame or splendor was never ever a concern. The Mexican state of Hidalgo was where Benitez was brought right into the world in 1945, in the city of San Agustin Mezquititlan. He was the 2nd youngest youngster in a household of seventeen kids, and wished to be a luchador from the age of 18 when he saw 2 films which both centered around an imaginary priest that moonlit as a covered up wrestler in order to support his community. His hope was definitely approved; the priesthood training took him to Rome and Spain, and also after returning residence to Mexico, Benitez instructed history and also ideology at a few colleges. He later confessed to fretting that nobody would take him seriously if they recognized the peaceful nature of his day job. Sergio Gutierrez Benitez still operates at the orphanage to today, and also continues to wear his mask throughout daily tasks. Like lots of various other luchadores, he is additionally a sustaining character in a comics collection.