Discussing the business of sumo wrestling

Japan is the only country where the sporting activity is exercised professionally due to the fact that Sumo is essentially a sporting activity of deep as well as ancient Japanese practices, where there are lots of rituals and also policies that need to be strictly followed and followed. OrganizationAlso referred to as the Nihon Sumo Kyokai, the Japan Sumo Organization (JSA) serves as the regulating body of expert sumo fumbling. Presently, there are about 700 wrestlers and each wrestler should be a part of a training secure, or a level based upon the wrestling skills. There are 54 stables in Sumo; the greatest of which is the Yokozuna or “grand champions”. Of the current 700 wrestlers living in Japan, just 66 remain in the payroll. This suggests the other 634 sumo wrestlers have other tasks or do duties in the stables for a basic living allocation. The basic income of a Yokozuna is about $24,000 each month, while a wrestler belonging in the 2nd division makes about $9,000 a month. Ticket SalesThe Japanese Grand Sumo has a total amount of 6 tournaments per year that run specifically 15 days each. Half of these events take place at the Sumo Hall in Tokyo, whereas the other three are kept in Nagoya, Osaka as well as Fukuoka. Normally, ringside seats are cost about $120 each, while a two-person, A-level box are marketed separately with rates more than $200 each. GENERAL PRACTITIONER.