Destination x predictions

My last article featured my own predictions on Wrestlemania. This post will be the same other than this time; I will provide you forecasts concerning the upcoming TNA PPV, Destination X. In 2014 there were wonderful suits at the 2008 Destination X. Well allow’s choose my predictions. Booker T vs. I think about both Booker T as well as AJ Styles tales so this championship would be excellent. AJ is truly “Phenomenal” in the ring. Booker T is the current TNA Legends Champ and also he hasn’t shed the title yet to anybody. At Destination X there will be a brand-new TNA Legends Champion and also he is AJ Styles! Champion: “The Extraordinary” AJ Styles Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner At Location X I think we will certainly see the return of “The Samoan Entry Equipment” Samoa Joe. The Main Event Mafia took him out now Samoa Joe came back as well as he is after Scott Steiner. Kevin Nash cost Samoa Joe his globe title. Samoa Joe is a pretty good wrestler. I have seen a lot of his suits in TNA and also in ROH and he is a respectable wrestler. Well at Destination X, I assume that Samoa Joe will certainly strike the Muscle mass Buster on Scott Steiner and obtain the win. Sojourner Bolt w/Rhaka Khan (TNA Knockouts Champion) Sojourner has actually been doing actually good because her launching in TNA. She started out as face and than turned to heel, and also currently I think she is back to being face. She keeps being “unsurpassable” and it is truly dull. I truly intend to see new champs like ODB, Roxi, Sojourner, or any individual else besides Incredible Kong. Incredible Kong is a good wrestler however she goes on winning which is what is burning out. I really do not like seeing individuals continue swaying and over again. There is actually a huge chance of the suit occurring and also I would actually enjoy to see Matt Morgan and Abyss fight in an Elevation X Match. What I think is going to happen is Matt Morgan is mosting likely to toss Void of the X. Victor: Matt Morgan Alex Shelly vs. Effects Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Most of the people have actually currently been in an Ultimate X suit as well as the other 2 need to experience a fantastic suit. TNA X-Divison wrestlers are great. They have all revealed what they can do in the ring and also most of them what they can do in an Ultimate X suit. Alex Shelly is the present X-Divison Champ and if he safeguards the title versus 4 other fantastic wrestlers, I assume that the suit will certainly be sensational. I truly can't decide who will win the match due to the fact that it is tough to choose. You never know what could happen in suits like that. I think that he will certainly remain in this suit and also I am sure that he will be able to win. Champion: Kiyoshi or Alex Shelly Sting vs. Kurt Angle (TNA Globe Championship Suit) Once again we will certainly have Kurt Angle and Sting challenge in the ring for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. One thing I rejoice is that Sting is out of the Main Event Mafia. Kurt Angle calls himself a Tale however he is not as big of a legend as he claims. I need to provide credit rating to Kurt because he is an excellent wrestler. Kurt is a fantastic heel wrestler as well as he can be an excellent champ. I am rather certain that The Centerpiece Mafia will involve the ring during this match but I am also sure that Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley will certainly attempt to maintain them away from getting involved in the suit. Kurt Angle is a previous TNA World Heavyweight Champ and also I understand that if he wins the title again, he will be a great champ. Victor: Kurt Angle Many thanks for reviewing my short article. I hope you all liked it and also I hope you will like my future articles.