The famous wrestling priest

Nonetheless, youngsters were actually the main worry of Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, and fame or glory was never a concern. The Mexican state of Hidalgo was where Benitez was brought right into the globe in 1945, in the city of San Agustin Mezquititlan. Nevertheless, the establishment found itself in alarming requirement of money by 1973, and that was when the freshly settled Papa bore in mind the movies that had actually motivated him as a young people. Recognized locally as ‘Friar Tornado’ Benitez combated using a red as well as gold mask under the Mexican name of Battle royal Tormenta. He later on confessed to fretting that nobody would certainly take him seriously if they knew the peaceful nature of his day work. Sergio Gutierrez Benitez still works at the orphanage to this particular day, as well as remains to use his mask throughout daily activities. Just recently, one of the youngsters he helped to raise has tackled the name Fray Tormenta Jr. The priest’s story has inspired the 2006 American film ‘Nacho Libre’, which starred Jack Black, as well as a 2007 Mexican biopic in which he played the starring role. Like lots of other luchadores, he is likewise a supporting personality in a comic book series.